We Keep Your Fire Suppression System Up to Code

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All Fire Suppression Systems require a Final Inspection for a Certificate of Use (COU) in Florida.  These suppression systems need to meet the  UL 300 standard to be compliant.

It has come to our attention that the Local Fire Marshals have been checking their records to make sure a final inspection has been  completed on suppression systems in all restaurants opened or that had changed ownership after May 29, 2006. A restaurant can be shut down if this final inspection is not in place. 

We service all of Duval County and surrounding areas in Florida including Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach & Baldwin.

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The Process for a Final Inspection

Able Fire will test your Fire Suppression System to verify that it is working correctly and safely. We will provide you with schematic drawings of your suppression system and submit them to the local fire marshal for a final inspection to obtain your COU and  ensure you are compliant with the state and local NFPA codes.

When a new owner takes over a restaurant, it is important to verify that a final inspection has been filed and if not then this needs to be done promptly. 

We have a full-service location in Jacksonville, Florida. We cover all of Duval county, the beaches and all surrounding area. (Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach & Baldwin)

Call us at (904) 900-5554 or (866) 934-0009

A schematic drawing that we create for you.
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