Able Fire specializes in the sale, service, installation, inspection
and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

We service the New York area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.

We also have a full-service location in Jacksonville, Florida and cover all of  Duval County.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

All commercial, industrial, residential and healthcare buildings need to have fire extinguishers on the premises.  The extinguishers have to be inspected monthly and inspected by a licensed and certified company annually. Our technicians at Able Fire are all trained and certified licensed technicians.

Able Fire Inspection Checklist:

  • Fire extinguisher type 
  • Check for inspection tags and update
  • Check that extinguisher is functioning 
  • Check for tampering or damage
  • Verify that is in the designated place and easily accessed

We also do Notice of Violation Removal (NOV ). We correct NOV deficiencies so you will be back in compliance.

Hand squeezing fire extinguisher trigger
Worker checking fire extinguisher with a clip board

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Able Fire provides maintenance for all types of fire extinguishers. We keep track and help provide peace of mind for the safety of your building. Our maintenance includes:

  • Recharging
  • Six-Year Teardown
  • Hydro-Static Testing
  • Reminders
  • Work Order Reporting

We perform the proper maintenance procedures to ensure your fire extinguishers meet all your local fire codes as well as national and that they are  working properly in the event of a fire emergency.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

The ABC Multipurpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is suitable for use on Class A, Class B and Class C fires.

Our multipurpose dry chemical line of stored pressure fire extinguishers are designed to combat the majority of fire risks found in commercial, industrial, and domestic environments. The ABC Multipurpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is suitable for use on Class A (normal combustibles like wood and paper products), Class B (flammable liquids), and Class C (electrical) fires. Such versatility is achieved by the high percentage of essential base ingredients in the fire extinguisher’s dry chemical extinguishing agent formulations.

Carbon dioxide is a safe, clean, and effective gaseous extinguishing agent suitable for Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (electrical equipment) fires.

Carbon dioxide does not damage equipment or leave any residue behind, making it ideally suited for indoor use and office environments. Our fire extinguisher cylinders are easy to handle and manufactured from lightweight, high-grade aluminum.

Regular sodium bicarbonate dry chemical stored pressure fire extinguishers are suitable for use on Class B and Class C fires.

Regular sodium bicarbonate dry chemical stored pressure fire extinguishers are designed for use in commercial and industrial premises where there is a flammable liquid risk. They are suitable for use on Class B and Class C fires and can be mounted on any surface with the wall hook supplied or an optional strap bracket.

High-performance, commercial-grade Purple K dry chemical stored pressure fire extinguishers are designed for use on high-hazard Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (electrical) fires.

High-performance, commercial-grade Purple K dry chemical stored pressure fire extinguishers  contain specially fluidized, siliconized, and electrically nonconductive potassium bicarbonate, making them particularly effective on industrial and commercial premises where flammable liquid and gas fire risks exist. In fact, Purple K is the oil, gas, utilities, and chemical industries’ preferred fire-extinguishing agent.

Theses hand-held fire extinguishers can be mounted on any flat surface with a wall hook or supplied with an optional strap bracket.

High-pressure water extinguishers are non-toxic, ozone-friendly, and designed for use on common combustible materials like trash, wood, and paper.

Non-toxic and ozone-friendly, it is ideal for offices, schools, apartments, theaters, and showrooms. For virtually all Class A Fire hazards, this high-pressure water extinguisher performs better than the rest and lasts more than enough time to effectively put out any fire it’s been made to handle.

Wet chemical Class K portable fire extinguishers are easy to use and incredibly effective in handling today’s commercial kitchen fire hazards.

New technology in cooking appliances, higher heating rates, and the use of more unsaturated oils all contribute to the elevated risk of severe fire that restaurants face. So when an emergency hits, employees have to be ready. Class K extinguishers offer the very best, as well as safest, portable fire defense against event the toughest combustible kitchen cooking fires. 

Halotron-1 is the most versatile and effective multipurpose clean extinguishing agent when delays, downtime, and clean-up need to be kept to a minimum.

Halotron-1 is designed to address most fire risks typically found in commercial and industrial applications. Halotron-1 meets EPA approval and is ideal for use in computer, data storage, telecommunications, robotics, and other high-tech spaces. Larger-sized models are suitable for use on Class A, B, and C fires.

Foam fire extinguishers are designed for use on Class A fires (common combustibles), as well as hydrocarbon and polar solvent types of Class B flammable liquids.

Foam fire extinguishers contain an alcohol resistant (AR) type of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF). Specifically formulated for use in hand-portable cylinders, it has a vapor sealing capability that can actually keep a fire from happening when sufficiently applied. The odorless foam is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, easy to use, and easy to clean up.

They are ideal almost anywhere, including gas stations, warehouses, construction sites, fuel handling areas, print shops, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.

Suitable for use on metal fires, the Class D dry powder fire extinguisher is designed to be as safe as it is effective.

Class D Dry Powder employs the use of a soft flow extension applicator to ensure that hands are kept away from extreme heat and to prevent the inhalation of toxic fumes from burning metal. Model WB570 is approved for fires involving magnesium, sodium (spills and in depth), potassium, and sodium potassium alloys.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Able Fire sells and installs a wide selection of customizable fire extinguisher cabinets from the top manufacturers to meet your exact specifications.

Whether you are looking for something durable in harsh climates or want a more aesthetic cabinet for use in an office setting, we know we have it and will find what works for you.

Choose from an impressive variety of sizes, materials, finishes, door styles, trim options, and lettering to best compliment your business layout. We also carry fire blanket, hose, and valve cabinets. Call us today to find out more.