Emergency Lighting

At Able Fire, we install, repair, and inspect all emergency lighting and make sure that all your units meet NFPA standards.Picture. Routine maintenance of exit lights and emergency lighting is necessary to ensure that they function when you need them most. Located in stairwells, corridors, ramps, escalators, aisles, and exits, they help maintain a safe workplace, and allow for timely evacuation. Call us today to schedule an appointment for an on-site visit and comprehensive survey of all your emergency lighting.

Exit SignDon’t wait until a power outage hits to find out that your emergency lighting is overdue for repair. Services include battery and bulb replacements, installation and strategic placement of lighting and signs, checking for damage and corrosion, checking alignment of beams, and performing monthly and annual inspections. A 30-second test of every device is required monthly, while a 90-minute test of every device is required annually, in accordance with NFPA Standard No. 101, Chapter 31, Section 1.3.7.